About Temporal Storm

Hi, Welcome to our New Website Who are We ???

We are Temporal Storm a Four piece Alternative Rock/Metal band from Bradford. All the members are under 16

Temporal Storm' original material is heavily influenced by both the grunge movement and energy and massive riffs which you would commonly hear in Heavy Metal. Their rhythms could have come straight from Nirvana' "Nevermind" album while the riffs and solos are something you would expect to hear from a Black Sabbath record.

The Band despite being so young have already played across West Yorkshire and are really making a name for themselves and are expecting to record a debut single in the coming months.

Joe & Moshua

Temporal Storm - Rock - Metal - Punk - Grunge

In the Rain by Temporal Storm

Hi Im Moshua, Founder of Temporal Storm, I play Lead/Rhythm Guitar along with Lead Vocals For the Band, Moshua even at a young age is producing neck - snapping riffs with impressive Lead & Rhythm Work
Hi Im Joe, Im the Drummer for the Band , Complementing the band with driving beats and rolls and fills

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